13 December, 2008

The Method For The Archives Pull-Down in Blogspot

The archives instruction blog in one menu in the form of pull-down or provided-down in blogger/blogspot.

In the concept blog, every time posting we would terarsip automatic neatly every month. Every time entered the new moon, like January, then the archives will in December appear in sidebar. The problem is, if we already ngeblog a year, then the archives from January to December will line up in sidebar we. How if two and three years more?
The practical step overcame this was with made pull-down the menu like below this:
- Archives - in January 2004 February 2004 in March 2004 in April 2004 in May 2004

So, how many months/our year blogging in blogger/blogspot, the menu of months tsb met and lined up long in sidebar we. Yg apparently only names “Archives”, just after being clicked, will emerge the name of the month of the archives. His method was easy.
(1) Login to with id Anda

(2) clicked Template
(3) in the part sidebar blog you the part archives, there was the code html as follows:
(4) the substitute for the code above dg the code html below this:
(5) If being finished, clicked SAVE CHANGES. If already DONE, clicked REPUBLISH.

(6) was finished. Was easy not?
Congratulations tried.

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